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Hunter Lile

December 13, 1997 ~ March 29, 2016

Hunter Dennis Lile was born December 13, 1997 in Wellington, KS to Cynthia Conrady and Dennis Lile. He entered his heavenly home on March 29, 2016 at the age of 18 years, 3 months and 16 days in Hays, KS.

Hunter started life early, arriving 5 weeks ahead of schedule at 5 lbs 4 oz and from that moment on he lived life at an accelerated pace. Hunter loved to learn and his thirst for knowledge was unquenchable. From the day he was brought home from the hospital his Mom read to him as she rocked him at night. This turned into bedtime stories for a toddler to fall asleep to. Then he began reading for himself before starting kindergarten soon becoming an avid reader like his Dad. His love of books and words opened his world, not only to stories but to information on countless subjects. Hunter had endless questions, the more he learned the more questions he found needing answers!

Along with reading countless books on every subject Hunter “did math for fun”, yes seriously. Filling many a notebook with numbers, formulas, equations and other things his Mother couldn’t decipher. He enjoyed science fiction books, movies and TV programs. His favorite past time was video gaming with friends or alone. He also had strong interest in computers, coding, and technology.

Hunter’s across the yard “brother, Nathaniel and sisters, Shiloh & MacKenzie” will always remember summers at the pool, playing with water balloons, the sprinkler, and endless hours on the trampoline growing up; all the things he would later on teach Cameron. Also, he always enjoyed his quiet conversations with Matt. No one will ever forget his articulate way of speaking his thoughts, big words many of us didn’t understand.

During his time at Caldwell schools he was active in National Honor Society, Bigs, Math Relays and Scholars Bowl meets where he excelled winning several medals. He was part of the gifted program at school which is where he first learned of the Kansas Academy of Mathematics and Science, immediately asking to attend, he sent an application and was accepted into the program. At the beginning of his Junior year, 16 yr old Hunter moved to Custer Hall on the Fort Hays State University campus. During his attendance in the program he not only gained knowledge but forged great friendships. He was a member of the 6th KAMS Class of 2016 as well as the CHS Class of 2016. Hunter grew into an incredible young man with an infectious smile.

“In the end, it’s not the years in your life that count.

It’s the life in your years.”

-Abraham Lincoln

Hunter was preceded in death by his Father, Dennis Lile, Grandparents Lawrence and Colleen Conrady and Woodrow and Anna Lile, Godfather Zeke Zulkoski, uncles Jerry Alexander and Don Warner, cousins Francine Warner and Ainsley Norris

Survivors include Mother Cynthia Conrady, aunts and uncles; Godmother Chris and Monty Fitch, Cheri Warner, Kathy Norris, Mike and Annette Conrady, Greg and Annette Conrady, brothers; Jason Lile and Nathaniel Zulkoski, sisters; Shiloh Rosenberg & MacKenzie Givens Cousins; Michelle and Bob Roth, Holly & Clyde Perkins, Brian & Liz Norris, Stacy Tucker, Christopher & Brenna Conrady, Kelly & Jenni Conrady, Barry Rosenberg, Matt, Jake, Robert, & Sanders Roth, Josh & Keela DeLain, Daniel & Callie DeLain, Brody & Max Perkins, Braden, Olivia, & Colby Norris, Grant & Braxton Conrady, Zander & Norah Conrady, Cameron & Mia Rosenberg, Gideon & Sariah Givens, Kyler, Kohlter and Riley DeLain and many, more family and friends.

Funeral services will be held 2:00 p.m. Friday, April 1, 2016 at the Caldwell Community Building, 119 E. 1st, Caldwell, Kansas.

In lieu of flowers memorials may be given in memory of Hunter to the Caldwell Library or the Hunter Lile Scholaship Fund and left with the Mortuary.

Oh, my friend . . .

Your soul was tired,

Your body was weary,

You were numb from the inside out.

Your emotions – given away.

Your love went to the one who needed to be loved

Your hope went to the one who felt hopeless

Your kindness went to all you met.

But when those were gone, you left none to yourself.

And all that was left was pain.

Oh, my friend . . .

Now the pain is gone

Now you have been revived

Your body no longer tied down in disarray.

For we have taken on your grief, so

That you may live again – pain free.

Oh, my friend . . .

Although you are gone in body,

You live within us in spirit.

You taught us how to love

You gave us overwhelming hope to share

And you gave us kindness to give to those like you.

So that we may never forget

To see those who have given so much,

Yet saved none for themselves

Oh, my friend . . .

-Cassie Olender

2016 KAMS Senior

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cindy, my heart aches for you

louise mcgregor - 03/30/2016

cindy, my heart aches for you... i know how much that little Hunter meant to are in my thoughts and prayers..... love louise


Dear Cindy

Linda Nulik - 03/30/2016

You have been in my thoughts every since I heard about Hunter. This morning my thoughts went to all the teachers and staff that had the opportunity to work with Hunter or get to know him. He was just a kid who stole your heart from the start. The outpouring of love from this community shows you how much Hunter was loved and how much you are loved also. Hugs and prayers and lots of love.--Linda


With Warm Hugs...

Sandra Steele - 03/30/2016


My sincerest heartfelt warmth goes out to you. Though I did not know Hunter, he had to be really special because he was such a big part of you. Prayers & Blessings ~Sandra Steele


Dear Cindy,

Jan McDaniel - 03/30/2016

I was deeply saddened to hear of Hunter's death. I will be praying for you and your family in the coming days and weeks. May God bless you with comfort, strength, and loving friends!


Cindy and family

Debbie Kolarik ... - 03/30/2016

Our hearts hurt for you and the family! Please know that you are with us in our thoughts and in our prayers !


Dear Cindy and Family

Lisa Moreland - 03/30/2016

I am still in shock about Hunter's death. He was such a GREAT kid, and I always smile when I think of him. Most recently, I saw him at his senior presentation in January. He was so posed and funny. I was really proud of him that day, and I know you were, too. I also remember his helping with puppet plays and making ice cream during summer reading. My fondest memory is from years ago when he picked out summer prizes, and he left the library saying, "I get all of this just for reading?!" I told him that was music to my ears :) Cindy, you are in my prayers and thoughts. I am so so sorry....

Lisa Moreland and Family


My condolences

Paul Adams - 03/30/2016

My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Hunter was a student in my class. He was joy to have. Be safe, be well.


Cindy and family: I can't

Kevin and Ginge... - 03/30/2016

Cindy and family: I can't even imaging what you are going through at this time but wanted you to know that we are so very sorry about Hunter's passing and we are praying for you and your family. Our most heartfelt condolences go out to you and yours.



Carrie Frasco - 03/30/2016

I did not get the pleasure of meeting your son. My son did and went to KAMS with him. They were good friends and Joey spoke of him as a great person and friend. Our family would like to offer our condolences and prayers. God be with you and yours


I Love You Cindy !! Hugs My

Kathy Vazquez - 03/31/2016

I Love You Cindy !! Hugs My Good Friend !!


I sat with Hunter in my

Andrew Taylor - 03/31/2016

I sat with Hunter in my English class last year. I learned so much from him as I'm sure many other students on campus did. Wise beyond his years. My prayers are with the family.

God Bless


Hunter Will Be Missed

Paulia Bailey - 03/31/2016

It was my honor to be Hunter's composition instructor at Fort Hays State University last year. With every essay he submitted in 101 and 102, he would focus on quality and meet with me to be certain that he had made his best possible effort.

He was intelligent, witty, and capable of strong observation. I will miss Hunter and all the times he would drop into the office to visit.

You are in my thoughts. I am sorry for your great loss.

All my best,

Paulia Bailey


Cindy and family

The Longren family - 03/31/2016

We are so sorry for your loss. Please know you are in our thoughts and prayers.

Very sincerely,

the Longrens


His soul may be in Heaven...

Family and Friends - 03/31/2016

His soul may be in Heaven....but the footprints he's left on your heart will never fade. My condolensces for your loss.


Wish you the best in this time of sorrow.

Family and Friends - 03/31/2016

I was never fortunate to get to know Hunter, but my daughter Courtney was on his research group and she always talked fondly about him. I cannot imagine all that you are going through but wish you to know that so many will miss Hunter, wish you strength as you walk this path, and more than anything to remember that Hunter will not easily be forgotten.


I was very fortunate to know

Melissa - 03/31/2016

I was very fortunate to know Hunter while he was in KAMS. A sweet kid with a huge heart. Cynthia you raised him well and I am so sorry for your loss. A huge part of our hearts are broken and Hunter will never be forgotten.


My dearest friend

Bert and family - 04/01/2016

My dearest friend..My heart weeps as I think of this sad time..May You be held with warmth and comfort ..Hunter always had great manners and a smile whenever I saw him.This young man will never be forgotten by my family..I am sending big prayers up for you sweetie and your you always


Just someone in the halls of FHSU

Rhonda Baker - 04/01/2016

Third floor Rarick Hall is usually where all freshman start their education, (General Education classes). People walking the halls, sitting outside my door, waiting for their next class. I make it a point to help everyone out. I work in the Modern Languages department as the Administrative Assistant. There are times when I help faculty members out by proctoring tests. I helped one of his teachers out by administering a test. I did not know Hunter by his name, but by his face. I keep M&M's in my office and invite students to come get a candy fix if they need it. I took a bag of M&M's to class that day. Sharing them with the students. I remember Hunter being in that class.

All the stories I have heard about Hunter are still in my mind and heart. It only takes one time, one smile to make an imprint on a mind. It sounds like Hunter made imprints constantly.

My thougts and prayers have been and will cotinue to be with you and your family. Hunter is not far away from you. He IS in your heart, mind and soul. May God Bless you all. Rhonda


In My Thoughts and Prayers

Will Burns - 04/01/2016

Like so many others, I had the privilige of working with Hunter during his first year at KAMS. I'm very grateful that I had the opportunity last year to get to know Hunter and see that infectious smile of his on almost a daily basis. I saw Hunter earlier this year at the KU Robotics/Engineering Competition. We talked about the competition, his current classes, and his future. Hunter of course made me laugh with his funny and unique sense of humor. I'll cherish that conversation with him and the many I had with him during his first year of KAMS. My thoughts and prayers are with all of Hunter's family and friends during this difficult time.


Cindy and family,my thoughts

David Baker - 04/01/2016

Cindy and family,my thoughts are with you.David Baker


Dear Mrs. Conrady

Jerry Magliano - 04/08/2016

I was a co-founder of KAMS along with Dr. Don Norwood. It takes a very special young person to put forth the effort needed to be accepted and succeed in KAMS. Hunter accomplished much in his young life. Our deepest sympathy to you, your family, your friends and Hunter's friends and classmates for your loss.

Jerry Magliano

Dr. Don Norwood


Cindy and family

Mary Lou Bender - 04/11/2016

I/m so sorry for your great loss. Though I didn't know Hunter, I have heard so many wonderful remembrances from town's folks, I wish I had had the pleasure of knowing him. As a mom and grandma I share your sadness, in some small way. Prayers and thoughts for peace and healing.

Mary Lou Bender


While the loss of a loved one

Family and Friends - 04/24/2016

While the loss of a loved one is never easy, even when anticipated, it is most certainly the hardest when they are taken from us too soon. Your recent loss of your son who has left us at such a youthful age is definately in the category of those hard losses for which there is so painful a reminder of what might have been.

At this difficult time in your life, I pray that God will grant you the peace that you need to get through this. No one can prepare you for a loss; it comes like a swift wind. But take comfort in knowing he is resting in the arms of our Lord. Not to mention, him being able to see his daddy again, who was a great man.

I know how much Hunter meant to you, he was such a well mannered, polite, genious! I remember being in high school when Hunter was younger(8 or 9 years old), and I'd be sitting in zero hour in the morning and Hunter would be right there reading his Harry Potter books. He would always help with math and i was 8 years older than him! I remember dozing off in zero hour before and there goes Hunter shouting "Mom! They're out here sleeping!" That kid cracked me up, always smiling and cracking jokes, just like his mama!

When we lose a loved one here on earth, we gain an angel up in heaven to watch over us. My prayers are with you Cindy. Stay strong.



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