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David Hollis

July 12, 1950 ~ April 11, 2016

David Hollis was born July 12, 1950, in Caldwell, Kansas, to Dr. Paul D. Hollis, and Vivian (Cowell) Hollis, and died April 11, 2016 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

A native of Caldwell, David was in the Caldwell 12 year club, having attended school there from kindergarten through his High School graduation. During his High School days he played all sports enthusiastically, pitching for the baseball team and setting several long-standing records in track. Although not a stellar student, he was an avid reader and developed a love of history that continued throughout his life.

The town swimming pool was built during his younger years and early on the pool became his second home for many summers. His family always had a large vegetable garden, and the rule was you had to work in the garden before you could go to the pool. Even though he deemed it awful at the time, it was the gardening that stuck with him, and he was an enthusiastic and life-long gardener. Later in life he worked a shared garden for Geraldine Williams, and spent many happy hours sitting on her porch, trading cooking secrets and making hot pepper jelly with her.

He was also an ardent fisherman, having been taught to fish at an early age by his dad. As a kid he was always with a group of boys, many of whom became life-long friends, and summer nights they could be found fishing and camping down at the Bluff Creek Dam and at Drury. When he was older he took great pleasure in taking people fishing, especially his children, nephews, nieces and brothers and sisters.

David served in the Army, having been drafted during the Vietnam era. During winter boot camp at Ft. Leonard Wood, he contracted pneumonia and was in hospital so long he missed being shipped out to Vietnam with his group, an event that he later credited for possibly saving his life, as he ended up going to Germany instead.

David had a bit of a wild streak and was highly sociable, loving to hear and tell stories. He greatly admired the high skill of the older domino and pitch players down at the Caldwell Pool Hall, and loved sitting in and learning from the masters. Over the years he shared many colorful stories about great wins and losses at the domino and pitch tables.

He worked as a carpenter and painter for numerous people in the Caldwell area, and had life-long friendships with many of those he worked with, including Dennis Lile, Kirk Williams and Sparks Leighty.

David was a great cook, and loved sharing his cooking while visiting with family and friends. A few years ago he had a house fire while living in Caldwell with his son Michael. At the time, he was also sharing his house with Dennis Lile, who died in the fire. As horrible and tragic as that was, the silver lining came as he went to stay at the homes of his children and their families, first Christopher, then Gwendolyn, Tony, and finally again with Michael. During this time he took great pleasure in cooking and gardening with them and telling his stories of Caldwell. He also really adored being a Grandad and spending close time with his beloved grandchildren.

David died of a tobacco-related illness from smoking cigarettes for fifty years, and he wanted to tell everyone to quit smoking and not let their kids start smoking. He also wanted to thank Lucinda, his ex-wife and Cathy, his ex-girlfriend, for generously helping at the end of his life while he was in the hospital.

David was preceded in death by his father and mother, as well as his beautiful nephew, Allen Subera, son of his sister Penny and his friend, Larry Subera.

He is survived by his children, Michael Hollis and Tony Hollis, both of Blackwell, Gwendolyn (Hollis) Martin, and Christopher Hollis, both of Ponca City; his grandchildren, Britney Larson, Christony Martin, Valyon Martin, Owen Hollis and Elise Hollis; nieces and nephews, Delilah (Subera) Stowe, Kaila (Willis) Smith, Jeremy, Tyson and Robbie Webster, Angela (Webster) Moura, and Brandon Chaplin; and his sisters and brother, Cynthia Hollis , Justin Hollis, Jennie (Hollis) Webster, and Penny (Hollis) Willis.

David loved his hometown, and no matter where else he lived, he always longed to come back to live in Caldwell.

There will be a Memorial Service for David on May 7, 2016, 4pm, at Corbin Methodist Church, Corbin, Kansas with Pastor Jacob Maforo officiating.

Memorials may be given in memory of David to the United Methodist Church, Corbin, Kansas or to the Hollis Grandchildren Memorial Fund and may be left in care of the mortuary.

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To the whole family

Suzie Yunker - 04/14/2016

Even though I went to CHS with David and knew his whole family, I never thought that someday we would share the same grandchildren.. When my daughter, Rachel, brought home this handsome boy named Chris Hollis for us to meet, I had no idea he was David's son.. We have enjoyed together watching our grandchildren grow up, and I know they were the joy of his life.. They will miss their grandpa, and we will miss him, too.



Wanted you to know we're

Marilyn and Les... - 05/11/2016

Wanted you to know we're thinking of you at this time. We saw in the Ponca City paper about your dad. Although I lost my dad 19 years ago, I still have special memories. Know you will also.

Although I didn't have Tony in my 3rd and 4th grade class at Peckham, I was fortunate at least to have Gwen and Chris. Hopefully will see you some day--

We are truly sorry for your loss.

Marilyn and Leslie Page



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