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Galen Yunker

Galen P. Yunker was born in Wellington, Kansas on July 12, 1951 to Louis and June Ulrey Yunker. He passed away at his home in Caldwell on February 4, 2024 surrounded by family.  Galen was number four of the Yunker clan of eight, being greeted at home by Steve, Rita and Charles. Soon following were Carol, Neal, Thane and Tom.  He enjoyed growing up on the farm North of South Haven, and rode the school bus to South Haven schools with his neighbors, the Peter's,  Gracy's and Bacon's.  When he was 12 the family farm burned down while he and brother Charlie were playing Jr. high basketball.  Many neighbors took in the Yunker kids until a big farmhouse was moved to the same location. Galen remembered him and Charlie riding in the house on the trailer. A big event as that big house traveled down the road. 

The Louis Yunker and Sons Custom Harvesting Crew was a family event all through his young years. Louis leading the crew and June in the camper cooking. The Yunker boys had some pretty good stories on their travel way up North then down south for soybean harvest. He said he spent every birthday on the combine as Louis brought him a soda.  Galen was proud of his football career at South Haven High, especially being named All Conference Honorable Mention Center. He also went to band camp at Southwestern College and played first trumpet with some solos which he proudly made us all listen to on his little blue HIFI.   

One day in August, fresh off the combine run, he stopped into the Wellington Farm Bureau office to ask sister-in-law Sherry for a haircut. He noticed the other secretary sitting there and knew it was a Rice girl from Corbin and the romance soon began. Galen and Suzie were married on 12/9/1977 at the Corbin Church. He then started working at the trailer factories in Wellington as they began their life together.  When the couple moved to the old Rice farm near Corbin, he got a job with Shoffner Motors/Farms and started hauling versatile tractors here from Canada.  Many local fellas liked to hop in the truck with him for ride to Canada (including Billy Akers). 

Galen and Suzie were able to purchase the big white house on Main Street in 1980 and they raised their children there, with many friends constantly dropping in. They raised Stephany Anne, Gregory Rice, Rachel Marie and Jessica Diane in this home along with grandson Kyle. Other grandkids added to the big family fun were Madalyn Joleigh, Kyle Scott, Owen Paul, Elise Gwendolyn, Scarlett Allyn and Claire Suzanne. He taught those grandkids how to fish and even drive a combine, along with watching cartoons for the little ones.

Galen worked as farm manager for Kolarik Farms for 20 years before retiring.  He loved going to the INDY 500 to visit hunting buddies, the Coffeys. He took many Caldwell friends along for the excitement. Another highlight was going with the CHS band to the State Fair in Hutchinson., Toni Reynolds enjoyed having Galen and Leon along to keep track of the kids, plus they both LOVED listening to all the bands performing.   Another highlight was heading to the State Track meet to watch son Greg run. He videoed him winning 3rd place in the 100 meter his senior year.  He tried to never miss his kids' school events. He would even go to church if his "Kids" were going to perform!   He was on the board of the Little Sunflower League and liked watching all of his kids play ball. He especially loved the Corbin Softball Tournament where he helped his buddy Leon Dreiling announce and was the foul ball spotter. He was also the trash and outhouse supervisor. One year, Tom and Sarah and him built a whole outhouse with their "Eyeball Construction" crew. He kept that outhouse spotless.  After retirement, he found part-time work at Dean Bruey Farms and Danny Shoffner's as he drove cotton trucks to Texas. He loved that cotton hauling. 

Galen's health took a bad turn these last couple of years, so he was content watching old movies and listening to music. His favorite days of the week were going to his Pulmonary Rehab at the hospital and letting Molly and Claire work their magic on him. They were determined to make him strong once again. 

Galen passed away at his home on South Main sitting in his favorite recliner with his wife and family at his side. He was relaxed and at peace at last.  He is preceded in death by his parents Louis and June Yunker, brothers Charlie and Neal and son-in-law Adam.

Galen is survived by his wife of 47 years Suzie, his children Stephany, Greg, Rachel and Jessica. Six grandchildren, Maddy, Kyle, Owen, Elise, Scarlett and Claire. His brothers Steve, Thane and Tom. Sisters Carol Smith and Rita Creed. 

Memorial services will be held at 10:30 a.m. Thursday, February 8, 2024 at the Corbin Country Church, Corbin, Kansas with Pastor Jacob Maforo officiating. Committal service will follow at the Corzine Cemetery, Corbin, Kansas.

Memorials may be made to the Corbin Ball Association or to the Caldwell Area Hospital and Health Foundation and sent in care of the mortuary.

Visitation will be held 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday & Tuesday and 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. Wednesday.



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